Site Clearances

Here at Turners Pallets & Recycling Services Ltd we can help arrange your site clearance.
Do you have build-up of unwanted pallets, wood, plastic or cardboard and looking to get this cleared?
Then please do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to discuss the services which we can provide.
We supply standalone curtain side trailers or hook lift bins to a lot of our customers, these are loaded on site buy forklift or hand, when full a request for collection is made, we will then collect your waste and bring it back to our yard where it will be sorted. Some of our customers receive money back from their collections so why not call us today to discuss your waste removal requirements.

The Turners Pallets & Recycling Services Ltd Hook lift Service is suitable for:

  • Construction, Industrial and commercial solid waste.
  • Large volume, non compactable, bulky waste
  • Large compactor containers and the larger portable compaction machines

The Turners Pallets & Recycling Services Ltd Curtain Side Trailer lift Service is suitable for:

  • Stackable material only  all contents must be strapped using installed straps.
  • Large volumes of stackable material
  • Easy load from rear of trailer and sides.

Our collection service is flexible and can either be delivered on the same day or scheduled, ensuring a quick and efficient response to any waste collection request.

The disposal and transportation of your waste is safe, environmentally responsible and fully compliant to legislation.
We are highly qualified and committed to satisfying customer needs with total consideration for the environment.