Wooden Pallet Collars

We can supply the following pallet sized collars: -

  • 1200 x 800
  • 1200 x 1000
  • 800 x 600

Pallet collars have multiple benefits to the customer. They can slot onto a pallet to create a box which can be gradually increased in size with the addition of extra collars; they can fold flat for transportation or storage and they can be re-used over again.

Ten reasons to use pallet collars:

  • Care of goods during transport is of paramount importance and well-constructed pallet collars offer the ideal protection
  • Irregular sized or fragile products need special handling and pallet collars offer a solution to the problem
  • If you need to identify your goods or show your company logo for instance, pallet collars can be easily marked.
  • Pallet collars are collapsible so they take up less storage space when not in use
  • Speed is of the essence in the logistics industry and pallet collars can be quickly assembled into packaging of any height and capacity
  • For even more protection pallet collars can be used with lids and separators which will protect valuable products from damage
  • Pallet collars are re-useable and can be used many times
  • Wooden pallet collars are cheaper than metal or plastic alternatives
  • Pallet collars meet all international standards of warehousing and transportation
  • The adaptability of pallet collars means that they can be supplied in standard and non-standard sizes to suit specific requirements.