Heat Treated Pallets ISPM15

What is the ISPM 15 standard?

Heat treated pallets are a type of wooden pallet used to transport goods from country to country. They are specially treated to prevent insects or fungi from being transported by the wooden pallet from one location to another.

The ISPM15 standard states that all timber must be heat treated to a core temperature of 56 degrees for no less than 30 minutes

Here at Turners Pallets & Recycling Services Ltd we have the facilities to produce compliant pallets for our customers. Having our own kiln on site means we do not have to subcontract our ISPM15 Heat Treatment elsewhere

We carry out large quantities of heat treatment for many other pallet dealers so in turn they can supply heat treated pallets for their customers. Therefore, buying heat treated pallets direct from Turners Pallets & Recycling Services Ltd saves you time and money as there are no third party costs involved


We are accredited and licensed by the Forestry Commission as a member of the UK Wood Packaging Materials Marking Programme; all our heat treated pallets are marked with our Forestry Commission Registration Number FC0803

Having our own facilities on site allows us to hold many types of heat treated pallets in stock ready for immediate dispatch.

We are experienced in marking pallets and provide certification with your delivery to complete the audit trail and give peace of mind to our customers.

Contact us for advice and information about ISPM15 requirements in different locations and the supply of compliant heat treated pallets